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Partners at Powell Goldstein law firm jump ship

James C. Rawls, senior healthcare and media litigator, along with five other attorneys from Powell Goldstein, joined McKenna Long & Aldridge. These five lawyers, including Rawls, were healthcare partners at Powell. The other five partners are Charlene L. McGinty, Joann G. Jones, Kathlynn Butler Polvino, Summer H. Martin, and Charlotte A. Combre. Besides them, another senior litigation associate in the media and healthcare work practice, S. Derek Bauer, also joined McKenna. Sources opine that Margaret M. Joslin, McKenna's Atlanta managing partner was the architect behind the mass move to the firm.

Rawls has 33 years of experience at Powell Goldstein. The lawyers in transition handle litigation, transactional, and regulatory matters. Their teaming up with McKenna Long & Aldridge was a favorable move as both firms share clients in the area, especially the Northside Hospital. James J. McAlpin Jr., managing partner at Powell Goldstein, said the firm derives a great deal of business from the healthcare sector. McAlpin was also critical of the lawyers' move to take away the Northside Hospital practice along with them.

McKenna, wanting to broaden its healthcare practice, looked towards the Powell Goldstein experienced group. The firm's existing practice includes legislative affairs work for healthcare entities as Marcus Institute, AmeriGroup, Sepracor, etc. It also practices healthcare litigation and transactional work. The PoGo group is a multispecialty group within the healthcare ambit.

Meanwhile, in another move, Simon H. Bloom, partner at PoGo, moved out of the firm to launch his own firm, the Bloom Law Firm, in Atlanta. Stephanie E. Dyer, an associate at the firm, will also join him and the new firm will concentrate on real estate disputes.

Grow e-rich, legal marketing guru tells LA lawyers
Nationally recognized legal marketing guru, Stephen Fairley imparted some knowledge on advantages of going `e' to small firm attorneys. These included tips on how to stay ahead in the race among peers and also to emerge as viable rainmakers. Currently the country has more than a million lawyers and its rising population is making the competition among attorneys real steep.

Fairley lamented that not too many attorneys have till date technologically upgraded themselves, says lawfuel.com. Most law firms, despite owning websites, rarely apply it to their marketing advantage. He was presenting his views at the seminar "Becoming a Virtual Rainmaker - Advanced Internet Marketing for Attorneys" at the Los Angeles County Bar Association. A best-selling author, Fairley's seminars are quite popular and are mostly sponsored by state and local bar associations.

While teaching the attorneys on using the Internet and technology, Fairley offered three recommendations to small law firms and solo practitioners on how to increase clientele. The recommendations include automation of marketing system, incorporation of prospects to attract website visitors' attention long enough to develop relationship, and finally, building up online database.

Supporting his recommendations, Fairley stated that business accrued from law can be better managed by "using online technologies rather than relying on Excel or business-by-sticky note." He also recommended using an opt-in form to linger the website's visitors' attention through some special report or offering free mini-courses. Firmly voicing his opinion that the firm can expect its bank vault and data vault to grow simultaneously, Fairley taught attorneys how to build a top qualified's database through the Internet.


Never lose a single trick
Trust an attorney never to pass up an opportunity for making money. Within two months of Allen County Court passing a ban in January on electronic devices within court facilities, Sam Bollinger, 48, a local attorney, applied for and received a transient merchant's permit from the city. With the permit in hand, he's setting up a storage cart for parking cell-phones at the gate to the courthouse charging $2 for two hours, $3 for the next two hours and $4 for the whole day. All payments in cash. Hey, at least he's charging fair prices!

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