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Foley & Lardner opens LA office

In addition to the existing Century City office in the area, Foley & Lardner opened its second office in Los Angeles. The new office is expected to open this fall. The move stems from the firm's strategic plans to expand its services and to increase its presence in key markets. The new downtown office will concentrate on corporate and litigation practice, while the old west-side office will continue serving clients in intellectual property and entertainment practice areas. The firm's decision to open another office was also based on the area's incredible growth and importance as a hub to the business and legal communities.

Jack Lasater, present managing partner of the Century City office, will also manage the downtown office. Reports state that the firm hired Assistant United States Attorney Jaime Guerrero and business law attorney Craig Wood to expand its litigation and corporate practices. The firm has about 70 attorneys in the area. National law firm Foley & Lardner provides a full range of corporate legal counsel to clients spread all over the country.

DLA Piper in Phoenix
International law firm DLA Piper hired Mark Nadeau and Cindy Ricketts as partners in the litigation practice group in its new office in Phoenix. The new office will also mark the firm's expanding southwest presence. The duo will fortify the firm's extensive International Dispute Resolution Arbitration practice with their expertise in the field. Earlier, both served Squire Sanders & Dempsey, LLP.

Nadeau's experience includes handling sophisticated international disputes - especially in international arbitration. At Squire Sanders, Nadeau served as co-chair of the International Dispute Resolution Group, which he founded in 1998. Ricketts is also experienced in handling cross-border disputes, including participation in trial teams in complex commercial and tort litigation matters involving multiple parties and multiple districts. She has substantial experience in motion practice, appellate practice, jury and bench trial, arbitration, and injunctive relief.

Robert J. Mathias, U.S. chair and joint global leader of DLA Piper's litigation practice, stated the addition gives "a strong new dimension to the firm's growing global capabilities in the practice area". DLA Piper's international arbitration practice has 75 attorneys. The team is spread across 63 offices in 24 countries and assists global clients with complex cross-border disputes under a wide range of arbitral rules.


Teacher Gets Taught Not to Message for Marijuana
A Murray middle school teacher, Ann Greenfield, 34, was trapped by trooper Trevor Pervine, after she mistakenly sent him text messages to get marijuana. The state trooper was enjoying his birthday party dinner with his family when he started to get messages on his cell phone from Anne asking for a drug purchase. The trooper thought at first that someone was pulling a prank, but he caught up quick enough while making phone calls in response. Pervine asked Anne to come down to a meeting point and laid a trap with other law enforcement officers. Greenfield was green enough to walk into the arms of the welcoming committee. She was charged with conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances within 1000 feet of a school, marijuana possession and other associated charges, and suspended from service pending investigation, but with pay. Now, that's a grass choked green field for you.

Foley & Lardner LLP

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