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Nixon Peabody, LLP expands Silicon Valley arm

Nixon Peabody, LLP, with more than 600 attorneys across 15 major practice areas in 16 office locations, added one more office to its list with a few more names in the roster. The move was spurred by the firm's desire to enhance its capabilities for clients who are based in California as well as for other clients who operate in California. The firm represents a wide variety of high-tech, biotech, venture capital, and emerging growth businesses both locally and on the national scene. Posed as one of the largest potential growth markets, Silicon Valley has carved its own place in the world economy.

Among the new entrants to James C. Chapman and a group of four other attorneys from the Silicon Valley Law Group. The group will be joined in Silicon Valley by several existing Business and Intellectual Property attorneys from the firm's San Francisco office. Chapman who joins the firm as a new partner to the Venture Capital, Emerging Growth and Technology Practice group, led by Jonathan R. Karis, specializes in areas including public and private securities offerings, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and international business transactions. He was the founder of the Silicon Valley Law Group, and chaired the firm's Corporate and Securities Group.

After establishing its growing practice in areas of venture capital and emerging growth company on the East Coast, the firm's move to induct Jim Chapman in Silicon Valley, Dan Offner and Dave Anderson in the Los Angeles office, registers the firm's aim to consolidate its position among the venture capital firms nationally.

Cozen-Wolf Block merger called off
Cozen O'Connor and Wolf Block Schorr & Solis-Cohen called off their plans for merger. In a joint statement, the two firms' management stated that the major roadblocks that made the merger impossible were the business and structural differences.

Chairman Stephen Cozen of the 500-lawyer Cozen firm controls majority stake and runs it as a personal corporation. However, 300-lawyer Wolf Block is more of a standard partnership. Since the beginning critical observations were made on the merger's "interesting cultural combination".

Cozen is involved in other serious discussions for group acquisitions in major practices in Chicago, Washington, DC, New Jersey and Philadelphia. These, Cozen elaborated, will not be in the range of full-scale mergers. Meanwhile, Wolf Bock suffered a major setback when Jay Dubow, leading securities litigator and executive committee member joined Pepper Hamilton.

Nixon Peabody LLP

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