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Crystal-ball predicts busy year for North Jersey law firms

North Jersey law firms' attorneys peering at the crystal ball see an economically vibrant year ahead. The last thing they are worrying is an "economic slowdown", reports These lawyers witnessed a good time for the legal profession last year too. After being accustomed to seeing a slow economy in the area, they now hope that they can serve broader range of clients, providing them with services in bankruptcy, litigation and foreclosure.

North Jersey lawyers are busy and hope that the good tidings see them through year end.

Managing partners at firms like McDonnell & Whitaker, Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross PC, are looking ahead to a busy schedule ahead. Newark-based Sills Cummis which opened its new office in Princeton in November is also planning to hire more people this year. The firm hopes to gain from the increasing scope of business. North Jersey's legal scenario perked up with the scores of mergers, acquisitions and a new arrival that took place in the past oxne year. However, this did not have too much of an effect on the small, one-, two- or three-attorney law firms that constituted the bulk of North Jersey's legal industry.

Many top-drawer law firms who have opened offices in the area recently are trying to build rapid inroads into the local lucrative and promising market.

Firms like Morristown-based McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter and New York-based Phillips Nizer in New Jersey and Bergen County are on a high note. Phillips Nizer recently hired influential local attorney Edward Imperatore to head the firm's 10-lawyer office. Imperatore with his three decades of experience in the practice of law comes from Hackensack-based Harwood Lloyd. McElroy, Deutsch opened its office in Ridgewood after annexing local law firm Orbe, Nugent & Darcy. With its sales graph denoting a 13 percent rise, last year, the firm's mood is "bullish" both for rise in economy as well as in headcount.
Most legal firms on capitalizing on their strong practices and hopes to serve their respective clients with the same quality of service they can expect for top-notch law firms in New York but at half the amount.

Meier joins Bond Schoeneck after poll defeat
After an unsuccessful bid at the congressional polls, Raymond Meier, a Republican, joined the Bond Schoeneck & King PLLC law firm and will work most of the time from the firm's Syracuse and Utica offices. At the firm, Meier will be a member of the business law department and will co-chair the firm's administrative, legislative and regulatory practice group. Prior to this assignment Meier served as a state senator for five terms.

Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC

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