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The Paralegal Studies Program at Walters State Community College, Morristown, TN

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The foundations of the school's educational excellence are its emphasis on learning outcomes and its utilization of information-technology instruction across the curriculum. For programs of study completed in one year or less, students may receive certificates; students may also receive certificates of recognition for non-credit programs and services.

Many of the college's 70 programs of study are offered by the division of business under the direction of Dean Evelyn J. Honaker. The division of business exists to prepare students to excel in careers in business, industry, and government. Students who plan to transfer to universities take the necessary business courses applicable toward a Bachelor of Science in Business. For this, they are awarded the Associate of Science in Business degree.

Why Walters State Community College Stands Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

According to WSCC President Wade B. McCamey, "The paralegal studies program at Walters State Community College in Morristown, Tennessee, has graduated more than 160 students since its inception in 1994. The program has been approved by the American Bar Association since 1999. Classes are offered both day and evening, and the curriculum covers a broad spectrum of legal areas.

The program is skills-oriented and trains aspiring paralegals to draft legal documents, perform basic legal research using both book and computer resources, interview clients and witnesses, perform factual investigations, operate basic law office management systems and equipment, maintain client files, and perform litigation support. The program features an externship program for students in their last semester. Approximately a third of the law courses in the curriculum are now made available to students online. The program is supported by a large and active advisory committee made up of state and federal judges, practicing attorneys, and paralegals from the public and private sector."

Within the division of business is WSCC's two-year concentration in paralegal studies. Dr. Stephen P. Parsons is the head of the legal studies program, which is ABA-approved and prepares students for entry-level positions as paralegals. The comprehensive coursework provides them with working knowledge of the following: 1) basic areas of the law, 2) law-related skills necessary to competently assist the supervising attorney, 3) a practical foundation in the ethical and professional principles that govern attorneys and paralegals, and 4) training in modern technology systems, including computer-assisted legal research, word processing, and law office management systems.

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