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Mayer Brown expands into Continental Europe

International law firm Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP has expanded its presence in Continental Europe by pairing with prominent Spanish law firm Ramon & Cajal. The firms have agreed to work together on client development and have entered into a referral arrangement. The two-way relationship would help international clients looking to expand their operations in Europe, especially in Spain. The firms' practice areas will include corporate, finance and banking, restructuring, capital markets, real estate, and litigation.

The firm's Chairman Ty Fahner said that the move aims to expand the global footprint further into Continental Europe. Looking into the emergent business activities over the last few decades in Spain, as well as the rise in trade through the top-tier companies Spanish and international companies doing business in or from Spain, the move to develop strategic alliance is a natural progression aimed to tackle the growing legal needs of both the countries' clients. The Spanish firm's attorneys mainly offer advice to corporate and financial clients.

Jones Day's Washington DC office has new IP partner
International law firm Jones Day recruited Eric S. Namrow as the firm's new partner in its Washington DC office. An intellectual property litigator and counselor, Namrow has significant experience in jury and non-jury trials. He has handled cases and appeals involving patents, trademark and trade dress, trade secret misappropriation, copyright, and unfair competition in a range of technologies and industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, and computer science.

Jones Day, which has garnered a reputation as a frontrunner among full service law firms in IP, hopes to boost its practice further with Namrow's experience with ITC Section 337 proceedings. Section 337 is an IP asset protection option which requires very sophisticated planning and execution. Namrow has earlier served as partner of Venable LLC's Washington office. Jones Day has more than 2,200 lawyers in 30 offices spread over important finance hubs throughout the world.

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