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Flanigan joins Polsinelli on the firm's masthead

Daniel J. Flanigan replaced name partner David Welte in the Kansas City-based law firm Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus. The firm will now be known as Polsinelli Shalton Flanigan Suelthaus. Flanigan will lead the financial services and real estate practice groups. With more than three decades of experience in the practice of law, he is one of the firm's biggest revenue generators. One of the nation's fastest-growing law firms, Polsinelli has nearly 300 attorneys spread across eight offices throughout the country.

Polsinelli's chairman and chief executive, W. Russell Welsh said Flanigan's key role in structuring and implementing strategic alliances in areas including commercial mortgage-backed securities, managed health care, real estate, and telecommunications has earned him an unparalleled recognition among his peers and society. His team at the firm has closed more than 1,500 commercial and multifamily real estate loans worth more than $11 billion.

Top law firms opt for Riverbed Technology's Steelhead appliances
Law firms Pepper Hamilton, LLP, and Loeb & Loeb have recently installed the Steelhead wide-area data services (WDS) appliances developed by Riverbed Technology, Inc. The solution optimizes wide area network (WAN) performance and allows law firms to better manage their bandwidth. It also increases reporting speed between firm offices and provides for centralized email and document management. Deploying this technology solution has helped the law firms to improve network performance, provided them with greater security, and enabled them to respond more quickly to problems. A leading wide-area data services (WDS) solutions provider, Riverbed Technology focuses on facilitating efficient application performance over wide area networks.

Loeb & Loeb LLP

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