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Gallop, Johnson & Neuman elects three new Partners

One of the ten largest law firms in St. Louis, Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, elected three attorneys, Jennifer R. Byrne, Angela N. Loehr, and Francis X. Miller as partners. The trio specializes in corporate transactions, commercial litigation, and real estate law, respectively.

Byrne practices in general corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, securities, and related matters. She has worked on a wide range of transactions, including stock and asset sales and purchases, mergers, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. Loehr advises manufacturers in product liability actions throughout the U.S., medical professionals in malpractice actions, builders in construction dispute matters, and a myriad of businesses in commercial disputes. Miller represents clients in areas of real estate law and corporate law, including advising developers, purchasers and sellers in the acquisition, development, construction and financing of medical, office, retail, and residential properties.

International law firm Gallop, Johnson & Neuman has served clients including public and privately held corporations, small companies, start-up enterprises, entrepreneurs and non-profit entities, as well as individuals and families for three decades.

Chicago gets a new Clark Hill office

Michigan-based full service law firm Clark Hill PLC , which employs more than 170 attorneys, has opened office in downtown Chicago, where seven veteran attorneys of repute, Tina M. Bird, W. Kent Carter, Richard H. Chapman, James M. Drake, Edward L. Filer, Gary E. Green, and Fuad R. Sulayman have joined as members. Clark Hill's new downtown office will concentrate in construction, real estate, manufacturing, and financial services industries. An attorney with more than 15 years of experience, Filer will serve as the managing member of the new office and work as a business counselor and trial lawyer for businesses of all types, including the construction and real estate industries.

Welcoming the new members to the firm, CEO John Hern stated that the firm hopes to derive greatly from their collective experience and expertise in the practice areas. The firm also has serious plans to muscle up the existing team with more men in the coming future.

The new attorneys are delighted in accepting the challenges thrown to them by the firm's existing and future clients in the Chicago market and hope to reach a greater clientele from the firm's expanded outreach.

Clark Hill PLC.

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