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Philadelphia heavyweights locked in merger talks

Two Philadelphia heavyweights are contemplating merging their respective practices to form a formidable entity. The firms, 500-lawyer Cozen O'Connor and 300-lawyer Wolf Block Schorr & Solis-Cohen, are locked in heavy talks which centers on creating one of the biggest law firms in the area. Both firms are on the lookout for partners in a bid to expand geographically as well as in their practice areas. While Cozen’s firm is more a personal venture, Wolf Block is a standard partnership.

Philadelphia heavyweights locked in merger talks

Though the talks are on, it is too premature for finalization, stated Stephen Cozen founder and Chairman of Cozen O'Connor and Mark Alderman, chairman of Wolf Block. The duo also said that neither partnership vote, nor any merger agreement pact, has been drawn up yet.

Wolf Block’s attorneys in its nine offices command a major presence in commercial litigation, real estate and trusts and estates and Cozen O'Connor’s attorneys in 23 offices specialize in insurance litigation practice, intellectual property, and bankruptcy. The common strengths shared by the firms are in commercial litigation and health care.

After the 2000 merger of 250-lawyer Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis with 45-lawyer Mesirov Gelman Jaffe Cramer & Jamieson, this mega merger between Cozen O'Connor and Wolf Block will result in having roughly 390 lawyers in Philadelphia and about 40 more each in Montgomery County, PA, and Cherry Hill, NJ. The firms’ combined gross revenue will be around $365 million.

Dwyer & Collora gets a new managing partner
Jody Newman, a top litigator has joined Boston-based law firm Dwyer & Collora, LLP as Managing Partner. Newman heads the employment law practice group in the firm, in addition to handling a multifaceted civil litigation practice. Apart from her superior trial and appellate skills, she is renowned for her collaborative law practice, a client-centered, solution-oriented process for resolving business, and other disputes without going to court.

Newman’s experience at the firm spans more than two decades and her commitment to the firm’s core values, ideals, and work environment catapulted her to the position when she could be entrusted with the task of looking after the firm’s future growth as a managing partner. Assuming her new role, Newman’s main duties will be to the assist in the firm’s development as well as to enunciate leadership initiatives in the direction of diversity and general work atmosphere.

Dwyer & Collora represents individual and corporate clients in business disputes, white collar criminal cases, employment law, and health care matters.

In another move, the firm hired Michael B. Galvin as a partner of the firm.  Galvin will continue to represent individual and corporate clients in complex civil and criminal litigation matters, including white-collar criminal defense investigations and trials, securities matters, state criminal matters, and business disputes.

Dwyer & Collora, L.L.P.


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