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Howrey opens offices in New York and Munich

Founded in 1956 and with a career span of more than five decades, litigation and trial law heavyweight Howrey LLP, a Washington DC based law firm has carved out a niche for itself among top-drawer firms in the global arena. The firm has recently opened two new offices - one in New York City and the other in Munich.

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In its New York office, Howrey will be led by Thomas Engel and James McCarney, former partners at Manhattan trial law firm Engel, McCarney & Kenney LLP. The duo will continue to offer their services in civil and white collar criminal litigation to a vast array of clients, both at home and abroad. A former Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York, Engel's contribution to Howrey will comprise of practical expertise on the local level which will help the firm better serve its clients.

Joachim Feldges, a top Intellectual Property lawyer, will join Howrey in Munich. Howrey recently added a prominent German antitrust/competition practice which will work out of its Brussels base as well as the newly established Munich office. While welcoming Feldges and his team to Howrey, Robert F. Ruyak, the firm's Chairman and CEO, said the addition of Feldges is in the best interest of the firm's clients and also partners. The firm, which had wanted to develop its IP practice in Germany, hopes to leverage on his renowned talent in the area.

In the past year and a half, the firm has opened offices in Salt Lake City; Paris, Taipei, and now New York and Munich. Commenting on Howrey's 2006's all-round achievements, Ruyak stated that the new offices and induction of the renowned faces into the firm is the "cornerstone" of the year's brilliant achievements by the firm.

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Engel, McCarney & Kenney, L.L.P.


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