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The Life and Career of Adam Levin: Partner with Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp, LLP, Los Angeles, CA

published November 27, 2006

Kenneth Davis
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Every case I handle is like a mystery," he said. "And what I enjoy most is getting to the core of the mystery, gathering the facts through discovery and through other investigatory means and figuring out what's really going on [...]. And once you put together the story, "hopefully the ending is one that's beneficial for the clients."

Fortunately for Levin's clients, he's very good at putting the pieces of the mystery together. As a partner with Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp, he has a thriving labor and employment practice and has several high-profile clients in the motion picture, television, and recording industries.

For example, he successfully defended Warner Brothers Television Production and several writers in the high-profile wrongful termination and harassment suit Lyle v. Warner Brothers Television Production. In the case, Amaani Lyle, an African-American writer's assistant for the hit show Friends, claimed that she was subjected to sexually and racially offensive comments from writers on the show. Lyle had been fired for poor performance after four months. Her suit included wrongful termination as well as sexual and racial discrimination and harassment claims. Levin's defense was that the writers' off-color comments—none of which had been directed at Lyle—were part of the creative process and should be protected under the First Amendment.

Levin got the entire case thrown out at the trial court level and obtained an award of 415,000 dollars in attorney's fees. However, the California Court of Appeal reversed the decision with regard to the harassment claims, while affirming summary judgment regarding Lyle's other claims. Levin and his colleagues took the matter to the California Supreme Court, where they argued the case on Valentine's Day of this year. The court returned a unanimous verdict in his clients' favor in April.

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