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Upbeat Florida firms hunting for lawyers

Keeping an eye on the upswing in the local real estate market, many South Florida-based law firms are renewing their attempts to strengthen their expertise in areas like real estate and construction. The area's increasing Latin American ties, coupled with the strong real estate market has drastically improved its potential for attracting international business. These firms had earlier made a few rapid additions to their existing work force, particularly in the areas of real estate, commercial litigation, and corporate securities and transactions.

Upbeat Florida firms hunting for lawyers

As a part of their strategies to draw in more talent from bigger destinations, these firms have increased starting salaries. Holland & Knight raised its starting salaries by $15,000, promptly followed by large firms like Akerman Senterfitt and Greenberg Traurig who were coerced into raising the levels as well to keep at par. Law firms in the area hope to generate more work from the growing international business attracted by the region's growing economy.

Holland & Knight appointed more than 6 new partners in its real estate practice group in Southern Florida. Of the 17 new partners inducted by Greenberg in its Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach offices, 11 of them have joined the litigation and corporate teams, while four joined the real estate practice group.

Tripp Scott annexes Duke Mullin
In an expansion bid Fort, Lauderdale-based Tripp Scott annexed four-lawyer firm Duke, Mullin & Galloway in a merger which will be effective beginning December 1. The new firm will function under the name of Tripp Scott. The combined force will operate with 45 lawyers. Mullin, Amy J. Galloway and Salvatore H. Fasulo, currently partners at Duke Mullin, will take over as Directors at Tripp Scott, whereas Davis W. "Bill" Duke Jr., founding partner of Duke Mullin, will become an of counsel attorney at Tripp Scott. The new firm will focus on commercial and civil litigation, real estate, trust and estates, government, labor and employment, environment, healthcare, and maritime litigation.

Duke Mullin's existing clients are likely to benefit greatly from the merger as the firm's clients will be able to get access to Tripp Scott's full range of services apart from benefiting from the latter's close association with government affair activities.

Recruitment is going on at larger law firms, Visit here to get more.

Holland & Knight LLP

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