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Baker & McKenzie overhauls New York management

In an effort to streamline the firm's operations, Baker & McKenzie has revamped its New York office management structure. The firm also laid out a new plan to capitalize on its recent lateral acquisitions, which doubled the size of the New York office. In its new strategy, Baker & McKenzie plans for significant growth in the size and depth of its New York practices, with special emphasis on corporate and banking transactional practices, litigation, tax, and intellectual property. By reinforcing the firm's prioritized practice areas with additional strength; they have deepened major client relationships and generated more transactional deal flow, thereby sharply improving their profitability.

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As part of the change in management structure, the firm has constituted a three-member executive committee. The increase in staff strength and the formation of an international executive committee encouraged the firm to take such an initiative. This new management structure will effectively deal with a much larger and growing office. Managing partner Charles Niemeth will lead the management team with other members, including former Coudert Chairman Clyde Rankin. Moreover, the firm's management board recently inducted Latin representatives, Barcelona-based corporate partner Rafael Jimenez-Gusi and Venezuela-based projects partner Roberto Mendoza.

Baker & McKenzie's recent growth in New York was headlined by the September 2005 acquisition of Coudert's flagship office. Other key additions in M&A and banking & finance law in New York since 2004 have included several prominent attorneys and partners. Last month, Baker & McKenzie added two corporate & securities partners in New York, Jonathan Stapleton, and Margaret Paradis.

Kavinoky expands presence; opens office in Inland Empire
Criminal defense firm The Kavinoky Law Firm , headquartered in Wooden Hills, has expanded its operations in California by opening up a new office in Riverside. The new office will also act as the firm's training center, where it will host occasional interactive sessions, conferences, and meetings for both the legal community and consumers. With the majority of their clients in Riverside and San Bernardino, the firm's new office will be an ideal location. The firm has a significant presence in California and offers legal services to clients based in or around Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Sacramento, or San Francisco Counties.

Established in 1994, the firm is headed by Southern California's premier criminal defense attorney, Darren T. Kavinoky, who offers expert counseling and legal services in drug cases, domestic violence, homicide, property crimes, theft crimes, identity theft, firearm offenses, white collar crime, asset forfeiture, and crimes of violence and defiance.

Baker & McKenzie.

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