Are You Entrepreneur Material?

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Several character traits are commonly found in enterprising entrepreneurs. Are they in you?

An enterprising entrepreneur has made a conscious decision to take charge of his or her financial future by becoming self-employed. The term "self-employed" can be defined in many ways.

An enterprising entrepreneur is cautious with money. He or she understands the cost and the value of items purchased and keeps track of how much money is available. Many successful entrepreneurs were actually enterprising at an early age and earned money by babysitting, mowing lawns, or delivering newspapers as teens.

An enterprising entrepreneur is naturally competitive; this trait sometimes shows itself in sports-related or academic competition.

An enterprising entrepreneur takes care of himself or herself, so that energy levels remain high enough to keep going.

Rarely will you find an enterprising entrepreneur wasting time unproductively.

An enterprising entrepreneur takes risks, makes decisions, and takes action.

An enterprising entrepreneur is always implementing new ideas and discovering new ways to make money and/or increase productivity.

While an enterprising entrepreneur is good at networking, he or she usually is not a social animal and prefers a solitary work environment.

An enterprising entrepreneur is an honorable person, has a strong work ethic, and keeps his or her word.

An enterprising entrepreneur is supremely confident and remains focused; both confidence and the ability to focus are necessary qualities for getting through the tough times of a business start-up.

An enterprising entrepreneur has vision. If you want to succeed, you have to be able to see the future.

An enterprising entrepreneur is a rebel at heart; many fail miserably as small fish in big ponds.

An enterprising entrepreneur is prepared ahead of time with the necessary contacts and more than enough to live on while getting the business up and running.

An enterprising entrepreneur is disciplined. He or she can work effectively without supervision and resist the urge to play when it is strongest.

An enterprising entrepreneur can stay focused on the task at hand and not give in to the laundry, the television, or the neighbor next door.

An enterprising entrepreneur is the ultimate self-starter who can comfortably work alone.

An enterprising entrepreneur is courageous in the face of enormous risk, potential rejection, and no steady paycheck.

An enterprising entrepreneur never forgets his or her family and friends and always makes time for the truly important things in life.

Starting a business is a gamble, and doing it alone is even more so. But if you have what it takes to be an enterprising entrepreneur, chances are you can make it through the tough times and earn your reward.

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