The Two different types of legal writing

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Attorneys use legal writing as the means by which they express their analyses of issues, and as a way to persuade others on behalf of their clients. Legal documents must be clear and concise, and they must remain consistent with the standards of the legal profession.
The Two different types of legal writing

Persuasion is the second type of legal writing. Appellate briefs and negotiation letters written on behalf of clients are included in this group. The lawyer must persuade his or her audience while being both respectful and succinct.

Professor Rachel King is a legal writing instructor at Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC. Her desire to work for social justice led her to law school, and she has been a lawyer since 1990. The opportunities to make a difference and to work for causes she believes in are the two things she enjoys most about being in the profession.

King made the transition to teaching through the Association of American Law Schools' Faculty Recruitment Services. She was invited to interview for the position at Howard University and was subsequently hired. King works with students to teach them both predictive writing—writing that predicts the outcome of a particular legal problem—and persuasive writing—writing to convince an audience of a particular position.

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