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DLA Piper boosts real estate practice in Norway

Hans Christian Brodtkorb was appointed as partner in DLA Piper's Real Estate and Construction group in Oslo. Prior to joining DLA, Brodtkorb was head of legal group at NCC Construction AS and the legal department of Veidekke ASA, two large construction companies in Norway. He has extensive expertise in areas including real estate and construction, and several civil projects.

Brodtkorb serves as a legal and strategic advisor for several companies within real estate and construction and is a member of the Norwegian Construction Law Association. DLA Piper has more than 3,200 lawyers in 61 offices in 23 countries worldwide who advises a varied clientele on various business practice sectors and hopes to invest heavily on Brodtkorb's experience to strengthen the firm's expertise in real estate and construction work.

K&LNG courts Preston for merger
Pittsburgh-based Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP and Seattle-based Preston Gates & Ellis LLP are building strategies for a possible merger. If the discussions are successful, it will create one of the largest multifaceted firms with diverse practice areas, covering all major destinations of the world. The move will generate a law firm with strength of 1,400 lawyers in 21 offices across continents. The talks which began in July would finalize by the year's end.

Since its inception in 1946, K&LNG's workforce has grown to more than 1,000 lawyers in its Pittsburgh office and its revenue touched $468.9 million in 2005. PG&E which was established in 1883 is the second largest law firm with 420 lawyers and 200 partners in 11 offices, including 226 attorneys in Seattle. Its strengths are corporate finance, intellectual property, technology law, besides M&A. The two firms are assessing each others' practice areas, especially the complementary areas of expertise and others that may tip the balance.

Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP


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