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The rising importance of bloggers in the culture of law made it clearly necessary for LawCrossing's coverage of the subject to be fair and well-thought-out. The Powers That Be needed to choose someone diligent, someone thoroughly qualified. They therefore picked the person who spent the largest part of her working day poking around on the Internet reading other people's blogs.

There is much commentary in the blogosphere about the notorious misplaced comma that may cost Rogers Communications, Inc., more than $2 million. The Law.com Blog Network seems to be regarding it as an opportunity to assign homework; so far, no responses. People seem to have been too busy commenting in their own blogs and linking to those of others: A search turns up 347 articles.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog calls the ongoing debate "Smackdown: Lawyers v. Linguists." Well...all right, but will they be wearing lucha libre costumes? Because that I'd like to see.

Carolyn Elefant over at MyShingle.com observes that solo practitioners can learn about the importance of pursuing one's dreams from former attorney Thomas Rogers, now president of Tivo. Finding a way to combine a legal career with watching television all day is indeed a truly inspirational story.

Incidentally, the recruiters over at BCG Attorney Search seem to have been watching a lot of sketch comedy recently. I'd like to say I'd hire anyone on the spot who answered that stupid "Do you have any weaknesses?" interview question with the suggested "I work too hard, I'm a perfectionist, and I deflect questions like a politician at interviews." But I suspect that degree of honesty would be difficult to face on a daily basis.

And on the comedy front again…or at least on the inspired-by-television comedy front, it's probably sad that I like Decision of the Day as much I do, considering it's a Scott Baio joke from Arrested Development. (Yes, I know, "from what?") And yet it's more frequently updated, not to mention interesting and well-observed, than a lot of blawgs out there. It's even sadder that I'm only making this observation after the show's been cancelled. Will Bob Loglaw's Law Blog go on? Here's hoping.

Overlawyered has been gleefully following the case of a Manhattan lawyer who had her foot scalded by a fallen cup of too-hot Starbucks coffee. She was awarded $301,000. Reactions to this among her online brethren bounce between pointing and laughing and righteously pointing out that, well, she was injured after all, the Starbucks employee (who will clearly never make a mocha in that or any other town again) was careless, and the case shouldn't be conflated with other coffee-burn suits. There's some confusion between different news sources—New York Post and New York Daily News—about whether the jury award will be reduced. Hell having no fury like a lawyer inconvenienced isn't exactly a new story, of course, nor is a large corporation being made to shell out a lot of money on dubious, or at least goofy-sounding, grounds. The legal blogosphere still seems to get a kick out of it, though. Maybe it's just that "coffee tort" sounds so sinfully delicious.

And that's the news for this week. Join me again next week, when I will hopefully find a way to avoid prurient discussion of the latest nauseating legal sex scandal. ("A whooshing sound." Gah!)

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