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Baker & Daniels concentrates on biotech, pharmaceutical sector

Law firm Baker & Daniels is solidifying plans to focus on biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sector and has marked out a strategy to widen its practice areas. The firm has inducted Geoffrey Karny and Ronald Kamis at its Washington, DC office. The two attorneys will assist the firm in counseling biotech and pharmaceutical industries in matters related to intellectual property.

Baker & Daniels Concentrates on Biotech, Pharmaceutical Sector

Baker & Daniels provides business and legal counsel to clients throughout the United States and around the world, including Fortune 500 corporations, regional businesses, nonprofit organizations, local governments, and individuals. It has more than 350 lawyers and affiliated legal professionals located across Indiana, Washington, DC, and China. They offer expertise in antitrust appellate practice, business planning, commercial, financial and bankruptcy, construction, corporate finance, education law, employee benefits, energy and public utilities, environmental law, government affairs, health care, immigration, individual/family insurance and financial services, intellectual property, labor and employment, life sciences, litigation, medical device and pharmaceuticals, nonprofit private equity, venture capital and investment management.

Kansas City firms expanding with business from alternative energy projects
Kansas City based law firms have high hopes for the future of the alternative energy industry. Business in this sector is perceived as a useful proposition to increase a firm's reputation and practice area in the region. Recently, many businessmen and investors have shown keen interest in the development of new ethanol plants, bio-diesel facilities, wind farms, and other alternative businesses. Given the need for attorneys to assist in regulation, contracts, taxes, and construction, the law firms anticipate high demand for their services, and look forward to active participation in the industry's growth.

Proximity to the crops that produce ethanol, one of the most promising energy sources, has the Midwest singled out as the area to watch for alternative fuel. The development in the region has prompted many law firms to consolidate their practice areas. Blackwell Sanders has formulated a team of 12 people with strong expertise in bio-energy and renewable fuels, while Lathrop & Gage LC also has a substantial team of lawyers working on alternative fuels.

Ohio Supreme Court revamps State's Ethics Code
The Supreme Court of Ohio has recently adopted the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, the first major change introduced in 36 years, to take effect from February 1, 2007. The State of Ohio thereby joins 46 other states by adopting new rules of professional conduct for attorneys.

The change is likely to affect transaction lawyers, law students, and litigators the most. The major changes include new requirements to keep written records of their communications with clients, including fees and scope of representation, and maintain records for seven years.

Lawyers will now be permitted to reveal confidential client information, in cases of reasonably certain death, bodily harm, or substantial injury to the financial interests of another person. In addition, lawyers may reveal information pertaining to "illegal or fraudulent" actions as opposed to just "criminal or fraudulent", thus expanding the conditions of disclosure. In case a potential client reveals information to a lawyer he or she has not yet hired, the lawyer will be required to keep the information confidential even if not hired. The current law only encourages the lawyer to keep the information private.

The Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct are developed from the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct. The Rules themselves are open for review at:

The Law Firm Of Baker & Daniels LLP


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