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New partner for Latham & Watkins international practice

Latham & Watkins has strengthened its antitrust and competition practice group in Europe with the induction of well-known antitrust lawyer, Gaby Eickstädt. As the former head of a German competitive practice group in Ashurst, Eickstädt has dealt extensively with European and German competition law and has a reputation for providing legal and economic analyses of complex legal issues.

Initially, Gaby Eickstädt will oversee the operations of the practice group in the firm's Belgian and German offices. As a member of the German Federal Cartel Office, Eickstädt previously focused on merger control, abusive practices, and cartel prosecution.

The European arm of Latham & Watkins's antitrust and competition practice includes a team of 25 lawyers comprising 9 partners. Overall, the law firm has more than 1800 attorneys in 22 offices spread across the world.

NAMWOLF honors for Buford Law
Illinois-based firm Buford Law, LLC, has been inducted as a member of The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) based on its all female-leadership and reputation for consistently providing superior legal services.

Buford Law, LLC, specializes in defense litigation, employment law, special investigations, and municipal and administrative law. NAMWOLF is a national trade association formed to propagate the services of minority- and female-owned law firms. Membership is offered exclusively to a select group of law firms who fulfill NAMWOLF's criteria of excellence in the legal profession.

Expansion in North Carolina
North Carolina-based Rosen Law Firm Firm has announced the opening of new offices in Durham. Last year, the firm expanded its services by opening a new office in Chapel Hill, which has led to accelerated growth for the firm. They also launched a collaborative law training initiative that offers trainees one-on-one interaction with local counsels. They anticipate yet another boom once the new Durham office is up and running.

Rosen, founded in 1990, offers its services in Raleigh, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, and now Durham, focusing on family law and divorce.

Diversity spells good business in the Midwest
Corporations based in the Midwest are relying more and more on diversity as a factor in determining which law firm to retain as outside counsel. As a result, Midwestern law firms are now employing stricter diversity initiatives in their hiring practices.

This year's Midwest Diversity Legal Job Fair is in September. The fair began after 2003, when a coalition of 27 local law firms pledged their "commitment to diversity." This resulted in the formation of a diversity committee that targets the development of practices to increase diversity.

Latham & Watkins LLP.

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