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Buchanan Ingersoll to merge with Klett Rooney

Shareholders of Buchanan Ingersoll and Klett Rooney Lieber & Schorling have voted in favor of a merger. The combined firm will have more than 525 lawyers, more than any other law firm in Pennsylvania, and will be named Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney. Analysts forecast the gross revenue of the merged entity will be $265 million.

Buchanan Ingersoll to Merge with Klett Rooney

Buchanan Ingersoll Chief Executive Thomas VanKirk will remain the CEO, while Klett Rooney CEO Jack Barbour will serve as an executive partner. The merger is expected to bolster some of Buchanan's sagging practice areas, including bankruptcy and labor & employment, and to launch midsized firm Klett Rooney into the big leagues.

Italian attorneys focusing on international matters
Italy's largest law firms are taking on an increasing amount of major international deals. Last month, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe acquired Tantalo & Associati to strengthen its banking and finance team in Italy. Allen & Overy has lured M&A specialist Giovanni Gazzaniga from Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners to their international M&A practice.

Some big clients like RAI, the Italian state broadcasting company, will likely transfer along with their Tantalo attorneys. Gazzaniga has stated that after 11 years with his current firm, he is seeking a change so that he can take on a broader range of international matters. This is a common complaint among attorneys at small and midsized Italian firms, who are increasingly transitioning to bigger firms with international clout.

All-female practice
An all-female law firm has been established by three enterprising lawyers, Christina Ferrell Daugherty, Caitlin Noe Moon, and Kristi Dearwood. Called the Harpeth Law Group, the new firm is positioning itself as a provider of family friendly legal services. Harpeth Law Group will focus on estate planning, business organizations, and zoning law.

Earwood and Daugherty are previously from Buerger Moseley & Carson PLC. Moon is a Tennessee Supreme Court-listed mediator, who was formerly with Hale & Hale PLC.

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