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Law firm merger tension

Klett Rooney Lieber and Buchanan Ingersoll are in the midst of merger talks, and a number of lawyers within the two firms are reported to have expressed dissatisfaction over the proceedings. According to Am Law sources, some attorneys may be opting out of the combined entity.

Recent surveys indicate that, assuming the merger goes through without any major drain in personnel, the combined strength of the new firm would make it the largest in Pennsylvania, overtaking Reed Smith, the current leader in manpower resources.

Littler Mendelson makes the move to Kansas City
Giant San Francisco-based law firm Littler Mendelson has just announced the opening of a new office in Kansas City, the firm's 36th office in the U.S.

According to a firm spokesperson, this branch will be a springboard for launching into new territories. With a total of 470 lawyers nationwide, Littler Mendelson is the largest law firm in the United States devoted exclusively to representing management in employment, employee benefits and labor law matters.

Lawyers Without Borders to address United Nations
Currently, at the UN headquarters in New York a high-level meeting on AIDS is being conducted. Representatives from Lawyers Without Borders will be speaking on the plight of uninfected African children who have lost parents to the disease and whose countries have failed to enforce their inheritance rights.

Speakers include volunteers from Shearman & Sterling, McDermott Will & Emery , White & Case and Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton.

Lawyers Without Borders is a not-for-profit organization that has provided pro bono services since 2000. In alliance with Africare, it is spearheading the Children Inheritance Research Project to work in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique.

Vinson & Elkins takes on jury dodgers
Leading Texas law firm Vinson & Elkins is proposing a carrot-and-stick approach to absenteeism among jurors. It has made the pay package for jurors in Texas more attractive by successfully proposing that juror pay be raised from $6 per day to $40.

Now the firm is proposing stiffer action against absent jurors including harsher fines and revoking driver's licenses.

What does driving have to do with jury duty? Why not revoke their right to party?


Weird job interviews pt. 3

Anerlin: I was once asked what my greatest fear was. I blurted out "spiders!" before I could even stop myself. To make it even worse, when I realized it, I started laughing. I laugh way too easily.

legal_dick: spiders is a good answer. if answering honestly, i'd have to say "testicular trauma" the answer they probably want to hear is "being late for work"

LargeFeet: I was asked by a hiring partner how many push ups I thought he could do. A good friend (female) with a nice figure went on a call back interview. She was at lunch or dinner with three partners when the waiter pushed the desert cart around. She said she would really like one of each == so they brought her a serving plate with about enough dessert for ten men, and she ate it all. And, she got the job offer.

JBentham: I was interviewing for a job after college. It was one guy in a suit that didn't fit, but he made sure to point out that it was Armani. Then he proceeded to ask the following: If you were a fruit, what would you be and why? Now in anticipation of the inevitable "huh huh, you said 'fruit'" homage to Beavis and Butthead, he actually meant a fruit as in apple, strawberry, pear...

hamburgerman: how did you answer that one? i think i'd say i was a pineapple.

MeJD: Perfect answer would be: "Good question, Bob. I'm really afraid that I'll be drugged while sleeping, wake up in a slave camp in Nairobi, where I will be forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery and become a woman. Not just any woman, but a tall blonde with a tight ass and a huge rack. When I recover, I'll be sold to a fat, greasy Thai businessman, and forced to turn tricks on the streets of Bangkok. After a while, I will contract AIDS, be allowed to return to the US for medical treatment, only to have my insurance company deny coverage because I did not disclose that I was a woman now instead of a man. So, I hire an attorney and sue the insurance company, but my attorney is Lionel Hutz from "The Simpsons," and he arrives in court wearing no pants. I lose my case, and I'm so upset that I don't pay attention to traffic on the way out of the courthouse, and am hit by a bus and killed. That's my biggest fear, Bob. But I'm sure you hear that from many of the candidates you interview."

Anerlin: I'll have to remember to be more creative with answers! Or is that a bad thing?

lawbones: i had a job interview where the interviewer was eating beef stew from dinty moore tin. he offered me a bite, or a sip, and i was freaking out worrying about how it would affect my chances of getting the job. i declined, saying i just ate. but i never heard back about the job.

Shearman & Sterling LLP.

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