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Law firm GCs

An increasing number of law firms are looking to the classic corporate model of in-house counsel to manage internal legal activities, such negotiating third-party contracts, representing the firm in disputes, overseeing regulatory compliance and resolving employment issues.

Law firm GCs

A recent Altman Weil survey of AmLaw 200 law firms reports that 85% of firms have a established a general counsel position. This is an increase from last year, when 69% of responding firms claimed to have designated a general counsel. According to the survey, 17% of firms without a general counsel position plan to create one in the next 12 months.

IT training for law firms
Keno Kozie Associates, a leading national provider of IT support, help desk and training services for law firms has established new training facilities and expanded its law firm training services in its Chicago and Orlando offices.

Law firms dealing with complex legal documents, frequent technology upgrades, and state-of-the-art legal tools often find it helpful to solicit the assistance of a training firm such as Kenso Kozie. Keno Kozie hopes to keep law firms up to date by providing professional, flexible and cost-effective application training alternatives.

Recruiting frenzy for Lathrop & Gage
In order to demonstrate their regional success, Lathrop & Gage, one of the oldest law firm west of the Mississippi, has recently implemented a new strategy that will increase the number of attorneys it recruits annually.

Looking to aggressively expand its practice, the firm is recruiting new attorneys while maintaining a quality of life for its existing associates.

Managing Partner Tom Stewart told the Kansas City Business Journal that "we work in a very competitive industry, and we live in an era of free agency," he said. "We have been very aggressive in that."


This is a pretty cool thread that offers practical advice to attorneys in the Gulf Coast post-Katrina.

A little help over here

Bianchinut: When a person is getting ready to graduate, it can be pretty exciting. Unfortunately, when a person is getting ready to graduate and has no job lined up for the fall, it can be down right nerve-racking.

This is basically a spin-off of the topic concerning the impact of Katrina on the legal landscape of Louisiana.

One of the unfortunate impacts that has surfaced as a result of the uncertainty surrounding the future of many small to medium sized firms is that many have suspended hiring practices. The only firms that are hiring are in the Greater New Orleans area. Unfortunately, their offered salaries are not sufficient to allow a person to afford adequate housing in the area (even if you have NO other bills). Does anyone know of any small to medium sized firms in the Baton Rouge/Lafayette area that are hiring? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dubs00: Try signing up superdome victims for PI suits... that's what I'd do.

Bianchinut: I like your technique, but I am not quite ready start a solo practice. I have been actively seeking out the firms handling the toxic tort issues that arose from the oil spill among other causes.

One would think that with all the mold abatement being undertaken in New Orleans that there has to be some asbestos exposure. Now we only have to wait about ten years for the damages to present themselves (provided no crappy legislation is enacted in that time).

rbrown: if you are looking forward to asbestos litigation, you are one really strange, weird, twisted, and sick, sick...sick puppy. :)

JD_Jr: i might recommend looking for contract work on a big case. there are so many claims being filed over the hurrican stuff, that lots of the smaller firms that handle insurance stuff are taking on lots of attorneys exclusively for special projects.

might recommend looking for contract work on a big case. there are so many claims being filed over the hurrican stuff, that lots of the smaller firms that handle insurance stuff are taking on lots of attorneys exclusively for special projects.

antigone: There is a lot of asbestos contract work right now. Firms that hire contract employees for work in Baton Rouge include Spyridon Koch, Montgomery Barnett, and Barfield & Associates. The work is very easy (sitting in a deposition) but you have to have an La. license.

Lathrop GPM LLP

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