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Kirkland & Ellis goes to Hong Kong

Kirkland & Ellis has chosen to venture into the Asian market through a new office in Hong Kong. Planning to initially focus on the equity market, Hong Kong was preferred because of its status as a leading financial center. London-based private equity partner David Eich will relocate to Hong Kong to head the office along with two associates.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP is a 1,100-attorney law firm representing global clients in complex corporate, restructuring, tax, litigation, dispute resolution and intellectual property matters. The firm has offices in London, Munich and throughout the U.S. The London office recently went through a hiring spree with the acquisition of partners from Linklaters and Allen & Overy.

Earlier, the firm was named "Employer of the Year" in the large firm category by the Beverly Hills Bar Association. Kirkland was recognized for sustaining a work environment that promotes a balance of work, family and life.

Dolan Media and Trott & Trott to join forces
Dolan Media Company has teamed with the law firm of Trott & Trott to form the American Processing Company. The organization will provide mortgage default processing services to law firms nationwide. American Processing has purchased technology and default-processing operations from Trott & Trott, which has a very large presence in Michigan.

An estimated 800,000 mortgage defaults occur annually in the United States, and mortgage lenders usually refer the defaults to specialized law firms and processors. Law firms handle the legal aspects of the foreclosure and the firms' internal processors manage the documentation, auction process and other details of the foreclosures.

Dolan Media Company provides high-value information and services to business and professional customers across the United States with the legal profession being their largest client base. The company operates in 21 metropolitan markets in the U.S.

Vogel Law Firm on the rise
Vogel Law Firm was named the 2006 Chamber Business of the Year for its accomplishments in business growth, innovation and community involvement.

The firm was selected from the list of ChamberChoice Award recipients, who were chosen from a pool of 68 businesses. A panel of independent judges from the Fargo Moorhead business community evaluated accomplishments in the areas of business growth, innovation, creativity, community involvement and unique achievements relating to a specific business or industry.

Vogel Law Firm is the largest law firm in northwestern Minnesota and North Dakota and serves a diverse group of clients in matters ranging from sophisticated commercial transactions to criminal law defense and family law.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

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