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The Life and Career of Randy Burton: Founder and President, Justice for Children, Houston, TX

published May 22, 2006

Charisse Dengler
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A Southern boy with a heart of gold, Randy Burton has devoted his career to advocating on behalf of those too young to fight their own battles. As Founder and President of Justice for Children (JFC), Burton is striving to make the world a safer place for children.

Burton founded JFC, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in Houston, TX, in 1987 in order to open people's eyes to the problems with the way the government was dealing with abused and neglected children. Since then, the organization has expanded to include offices in Arizona, Michigan, and Washington, DC.

"My first job as a lawyer was with the D.A.'s office here in Houston, and I worked my way up to the Chief Prosecutor of Family Offenses," he said. "It was during that experience that I saw something that really disturbed me, and that is that the system that's designed to protect children is failing that task horribly."

Burton's very first case for the D.A.'s office involved a little girl who had been raped by her stepfather for four years; and when she reported the abuse to her school nurse, the nurse contacted Child Protective Services (CPS). However, CPS told the nurse to go ahead and send the child home with her stepfather and said it would conduct an interview the following week. The nurse, not supporting this course of action, took it upon herself to bring in officials, who removed the girl from the home and put her into protective custody.

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