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Designed for preserving priceless moments by capturing them as pictures or as videos, the N93 is currently the best camcorder/camera in the mobile realm. The quality of the photos and videos it produces and the endless editing options included in the phone's software are capable of turning even 16-year-olds into Spielbergs.

As a member of Nokia's N-Series, the N93 has been dubbed a "multimedia computer" because of its impressive ability to multitask. With a 3.2-megapixel camera, 30-frames-per-second camcorder, 50MB of internal memory, and standard mobile phone capabilities, the N93 puts the average camera phone to shame.

By flipping open and twisting the screen, the N93 changes instantly from a phone to a camcorder/digital camera. With an MPEG-4 video graphics array (VGA) video capture, stereo audio recording, and digital video stabilization, the N93's camcorder makes shaky, amateur video footage a thing of the past.

With the power to direct your own films literally in the palm of your hand, there's no limit to what you can do. Whether you're following a script or going with the flow, this handy-dandy video camera is sure to inspire.

The digital camera, which proudly sports a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, creates crisp, clear photos in brilliant color via autofocus and close-up modes. With the N93's camera toolbar, you can even go so far as choosing exposure value, color tones, and white balance; and switching back and forth between digital photos and videos is simplified by a single camera mode button.

And because you don't just want to keep your photos and videos for yourself, Nokia has made it easy to share your pics and flicks with the world. You can display them on the 2.4-inch color screen—taking advantage of its 160-degree viewing angle—or you can send them out over the Internet via email or Bluetooth technology.

Myspace addicts can even upload their artsy self-photos directly from the phone's gallery to the Flickr photo-sharing site and then to their profiles, which is sure to make that 12-photo limit a total inconvenience.

In addition, the N93 comes with a TV cable, Wireless LAN, and Universal Plug and Play technology that make it possible to screen videos and slideshows on a compatible television. When you combine this with the N93's Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 software, you get a near-movie-theatre experience.

The Adobe software, which comes as part of the phone's package, makes it possible to edit your photos and videos while they are still on the phone. However, if you'd rather do the editing on your PC, the software also makes uploading videos, photos, and music from the phone to your computer extremely simple.

Once you've got everything transferred, you can dabble with hundreds of effects and create movies worthy of the silver screen. Plus, you can burn your very own professional-looking DVDs.

Although the N93 leaves the factory floor with an impressive 50MB of memory, those who want to further bloat the handheld with 90 extra minutes of video footage, 2,500 more photos, or 1,500 additional songs can get a miniSD card with up to 2GB of memory.

In the midst of all this creative-media talk, you may be wondering if Nokia overlooked the one thing that has become so vital in regard to handheld electronics today: the Internet. The answer is no. You can rest assured that the N93 not only covers the basics, but also provides some innovative extras.

When it comes to the World Wide Web, the N93 can receive and send email, browse the Internet, connect to television stations via 3G networks, and host video calls.

The phone's software, which is based on Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition, features a Mini Map that makes it possible to see the entire contents of a website and go directly to the section you want to view. The software can run Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; and it can open PDFs and ZIP files.

The N93 can also play FM radio and digital music, allowing you to create your own playlists and listen to them through the phone's speakers or headset. The Nokia Music Manager makes it possible to burn CDs onto your PC and then transfer your music to the phone.

Accessories available for the N93 include a Bluetooth headset, car kit, and GPS system. The N93, which is an updated version of Nokia's N90, is scheduled to be available to the public in July 2006. More information on the N93 and Nokia's N-Series can be found at

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