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Armstrong Allen finally merges with Adams and Reese

After weeks of uncertainty and hearsay on the future of Armstrong Allen, the firm is finally merging with regional player Adams and Reese. The merger will be effective May 1, 2006.

Adams and Reeve is opening an office in Memphis with 15 attorneys formerly with Armstrong Allen, enhancing its national litigation and transactional practices. The merger is also predicted to give the firm's regional practice a boost, which is already booming due to a 2005 merger with Nashville's Stokes Bartholome.

Butler Snow strengthens Memphis office
Adding four attorneys to its Memphis office, Butler, Snow, O'Mara, Stevens & Cannada PLLC is now the biggest firm in the city. With a progressive growth history, starting with one lawyer in 1998, the recent addition has augmented its strength in Memphis to 39 attorneys.

Out of the four, three lawyers were earlier with Armstrong Allen. They are Charles Crawford, Amy Pepke and Jason Yarbro. The fourth, Effie Bean is moving in from Thomason, Hendrix, Harvey, Johnson and Mitchell. The new entrants would add to the firm's expertise in commercial, healthcare, corporate and real estate litigation.

Butler Snow is also establishing a presence throughout Tennessee and Mississippi. The firm's more than 140 attorneys specialize in almost every major area of law.

New DC Internship program for Australian law students
The University of Queensland has been chosen to participate in a graduate internship program in Washington, DC.

The program, extended to only two universities, offers one UQ law graduate a two-year internship with the Institute for International Banking Law and Practice (IIBLP), based in Washington, DC. The internship includes the rare chance to attend United Nation sessions and travel to the IIBLP's conferences throughout the U.S. and Europe, as well as in India, Russia, Dubai, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. It will also pay for all travel expenses and living allowance. The selection process will begin in the second semester of 2006.

George Mason University in Washington is the only other university to get this honor.

Shaka: Ok,I will explain this as best as i can. I am currently working on my undergraduate degree (economics) for law school (we all have right?) Next I will be entering law school around fall 2008? Then graduate if as planned around 2012? I will be about 44 years old :( Do I feel young, yes. Do I believe that I will be capable of enduring law school, internships, long nights of studying, isolation and the whole I went to law school and survived drama? Yes Yes Yes.

Oh sorry my question. Can a 44 (+or-) year old graduate compete with the 20 and 30 something crowd for employment? I am very concerned that I am taking a huge risk (isnt that how great things are gained or lost!!) Your answers based upon logic and reason are very welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for your keyboard.

Rbrown: Absolutely. You'll be excluded from probably about 10% of jobs out there by your age. I knew plenty of people in their 40s. I'd guess at least a quarter would fall into the late 30s crowd and up.

Your best guess for risk assessment, by the way, will be the LSAT.

Hamburgerman: i gotta disagree with rbrown sort of. you'll have a leg-up in some cases (wisdom of age and all that) of course biglaw is going to crap on a 40+ first-year associate, but who wants to work there anyway?

BullRunner: I agreed with the Burgerman. You can look at your age as a positive or a negative. No matter what your background, you have some experience in your past that you can work into a niche. Being that you are 44, you most likely embarked on some career and can play that in a big way to your advantage when scoping out prospective law firm employers.

I was a bit younger than you, but still had gone to law school late and was older than most. Worked a job during the day to pay my own way etc. Some firms will most likely look down on the 44 y/o first year associate, but some may like it as you will have the maturity most first years lack.

Rbrown: maybe it's better to say 25 or 35%. i'm not sure. there are plenty though, that it didn't matter though, as big firm life would not attract the older crowd. of course, some big firms like hiring older associates. i'm just giving gut statistics. i don't see older people getting cut out of small firms or gov't jobs.

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