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Main Office:
14985 60th Street North, | Stillwater | MN | 55082
Phone: 651-439-2951  | Fax: 651-439-1417 

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Anastasi Jellum, PA Reviews

"A great chance for an associate to learn the law and make important career contacts"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

Be ready to get to work at this job from day one. This is a challenging position with the opportunity for limitless potential. You will push yourself to the limit. The firm should consider improving the work-life balance here for its attorneys.

Pros : At this firm you will get to know a lot of important people in the community. You will also push yourself a lot as this is a job where a lot is demanded from a new associate. You will get to know yourself as well because you will be under pressure to produce every single day and even weekends.
Cons : The challenging environment is not for everyone. You will have to come into the office most weekends. You will be away from your family and you may find this challenging.