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Main Office:
340 Royal Poinciana Way, Ste 321 | Palm Beach | FL | 33480-0431
Phone: 561-659-1770  | Fax: 561-833-2261 

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Alley, Maass, Rogers & Lindsay, PA Reviews

"A decent firm to work at, but perhaps not the best in its field."

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

As with most law firms, your mileage may vary at this firm. But it is a good place to learn the ropes of the legal profession and make important contacts.

Pros : This is a white-shoe law firm where clients pay top dollar for their representation. As an associate, you can bill clients with impunity. You may even get a bonus for good work. Your input is valued.
Cons : There isn't one thing in particular about this firm that's bad, but you may take a long time to make partner, if that is your goal. You may also perceive a somewhat cut throat environment among associate attorneys.