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Main Office:
25 Wood Lane, | Rockville | MD | 20850
Phone: 301-762-3303  | Fax: 301-762-3776 

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Anderson & Quinn, LLC Reviews

"This law firm has potential to be a top-quality workplace for young attorneys"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

Many people will be able to make the most of this opportunity. If you are the type who can thrive in any environment, you should definitely check out this firm.

Pros : This firm maintains a wide practice area. You should be able to catch on in the department of your choice. As such, you have the chance to build your skills and build a respectable practice for yourself. You will learn a lot in this job.
Cons : Associates have come and gone from this firm. It may not be the ideal place to stick around, because you may be downsized or otherwise let go. Job security may be an issue here.