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1717 K Street, NW, | Washington | DC | 20036
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Arent Fox LLP. Reviews

"Exceptional Law Firm"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

I would recommend that a personal communications or social connection course be offered to long time employees. It never hurts to be refreshed in communications especially when age difference can be a barrier.

Pros : An excellent law firm that services many areas in law. Very willing to provide needed training at no charge to employees. Personally, I like that they treat everyone there as family, they have many gatherings and social events that involve not only the employees but their families as well. Out of others places I have worked Arent Fox is by far the most welcoming.
Cons : Those who have been there for sometime seem to have a little harder time accepting new employees. It takes awhile to feel like you fit in and for the older staff to help and guide you.