Entry Level Paralegal Legal Staff Job Description

Paralegals help improve the efficiency, economy and availability of legal services.
Newly graduated paralegals are also known as an entry-level paralegals. They do not have much experience and are still fresh from the release of the academia. Entry-level paralegals are often assigned with a mentor to provide guidance and assistance to them. Paralegals may work for lawyers, companies or government agencies. Entry-level paralegals usually prefer to join the law firms as it would help them learn the pros and cons in the paralegal profession. Paralegals provide their support to lawyers by organizing massive amounts of documents generate law firms, the office running smoothly, helping to draft documents and interviewing witnesses. The National Federation of Paralegal Associations estimated that 84 percent of paralegals have had a paralegal formal education. Generally a Bachelor's degree is needed to qualify as an entry-level paralegal. A paralegal specialization determines which areas he could work, for example medical law or movement of workers. Certificate or diploma programs are available for paralegals who want more training. Experience in scheduling, preparing for and assisting with depositions, legal discovery and other court administrative duties would be preferred. Proficiency in applications such as PC Docs, Paradox or Summation is preferred. Expertise in spreadsheet, word processing and database software packages is an asset. Excellent oral and written communication skills are always advantageous. Dedication and sincerity on the part of paralegals is also important in this profession since they will be dealing with different kinds of people as well as scenarios. It is always advisable for newly graduated paralegals to start with entry level paralegal jobs, because this increases the chances of getting more training and knowledge, which is essential for their continued success. Advancement to the position of junior or mid-level paralegal is also an option with passage of time..

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