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What Should You Know about Law Firm Succession Planning?

What Should You Know about Law Firm Succession Planning? Summary: With the changing face of the legal realm, it can be difficult to figure out what steps need to be taken for law firm succession planning. + read more

The Drug & Alcohol Policy No Law Firm Should Be Without

The Drug & Alcohol Policy No Law Firm Should Be Without Summary: Your law firm likely has set policies regarding leave, compensation, and more. Protect your firm and its members by implementing a drug and alcohol policy. + read more

Why Law Firms Should Restructure Immediately

Just what is going on here? Consider these headlines: + read more

Tools Law Firms and Lawyers Need in Seeking Out Business

The activities that comprise a law firm’s marketing mix–business development, promotion, and client care— almost always have a major impact on a firm’s IT planning. + read more

The Old Law Firm Model No Longer Works

Unless you've been in the cast of ''Survivor,'' you are aware that associate salaries have taken a dramatic jump in recent months. Law firms across the country, and certainly in Washington, have had to grapple with the impact that rising associate salaries will have on their firm. + read more

Marketing Your Law Firm Through Practice Groups

Marketing Your Law Firm Through Practice Groups Practice Groups are increasingly becoming the way law firms manage their businesses, including a significant component of the marketing agenda. The following ten ideas will help practice groups - and especially their leaders - decide the best ways to manage and focus their marketing activities. + read more

Law Firm Strategic Positioning

Several years ago, an article appeared in the McKinsey Quarterly commenting on the state of the legal profession. + read more

How to Move Past Promotion for Your Law Firm

When law firms first began to develop marketing programs the focus was largely on communications and promotion, and their efforts focused on such activities as seminars, media relations and newsletters. They bore little resemblance to the corporate marketing model, with its heavy emphasis on research and product or service development and delivery. The law firm marketing focus was on visibility and had little influence on firm management decision-making. + read more

Changing Views on Partnership: How Law Firms Are Handling the Declining Interest In Reaching the Top

With many associates placing less of an emphasis on reaching equity partnership, law firms are responding by creating new tracks that still allow for career advancement to keep them interested. + read more

Capitalizing on a Law Firm's Growth—Is Bigger Better?

Many law firms have grown dramatically over the past few years. The challenge for any firm that has experienced fast growth is to be able to capitalize on the firm's new platform. The larger and more diverse and dispersed a firm becomes, the more attention must be focused on managing it. The reality is that growing a firm requires substantial investment in effective management to ensure the firm gets an acceptable return on its investment in growth. + read more

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