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Changing Views on Partnership: How Law Firms Are Handling the Declining Interest In Reaching the Top

With many associates placing less of an emphasis on reaching equity partnership, law firms are responding by creating new tracks that still allow for career advancement to keep them interested. + read more

Capitalizing on a Law Firm's Growth—Is Bigger Better?

Many law firms have grown dramatically over the past few years. The challenge for any firm that has experienced fast growth is to be able to capitalize on the firm's new platform. The larger and more diverse and dispersed a firm becomes, the more attention must be focused on managing it. The reality is that growing a firm requires substantial investment in effective management to ensure the firm gets an acceptable return on its investment in growth. + read more

Business Planning for Practice Groups

To prosper and grow, law firms of all sizes must create strategic business plans for their individual practice groups. A good strategic plan may be as simple as three to five goals with action plans designed to implement them. + read more

What Makes the Public Hate Prominent Attorneys

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez recently hired a prominent New York defender who has been called the city's "Most Hated Attorney." But isn't defending the indefensible part of a lawyer's job? Does the public and media vilify successful attorneys more so than they do other successful people in different fields? If so, why? + read more

The Five Parts of a Project Executive Summary

Project executive summaries are extremely important, because they help top management to find both relevant information as well as employee achievements quickly. Since each business project is unique, project executive summaries also tend to be somewhat unique, every time. However, like every other thing in life, there are good rules to follow while checking project executive summaries. And the things the management needs to check is whether a project executive summary addresses the concerns of the stakeholders through its essential five parts – focus of the project, goals, summary, key findings, deliverables, and appendix (if any). + read more

Battling the Theft of Trade Secrets

Battling the Theft of Trade Secrets Industrial espionage and information sabotage has become rather ubiquitous. However, it continues to be a subject kept in the realm of security experts and rarely discussed with general employees. That, of course, may have either good or bad repercussions, but for good measure, we have listed below a few pointers given by the FBI to combat theft of intellectual property and proprietary data. + read more

The Economics and Societal Impact of Office Space in Law Firms

The Economics and Societal Impact of Office Space in Law Firms Understanding the economies and societal impact of office space in law firms is critical to satisfying the needs of human resources within your own law firm, and also helps to identify the hierarchy when you walk into any law firm for the first time. Office space is a reward, incentive, and status declaration, all at the same time. And this is more true in a law firm than most other businesses today. + read more

Presenting Business Plans: Why People Feel Nervous and What You Can Do About It

Presenting Business Plans: Why People Feel Nervous and What You Can Do About It If you are looking for finance to either start up a business or expand your existing one you have to accept that if you want the Bank to say yes to your superb business idea, you are going to have to spend time preparing for the interview. + read more

8 BIG Small Business Mistakes

8 BIG Small Business Mistakes Here’s an interesting notion: Do you realize that there are mistakes you can make at various stages of your business’ growth that can be slowly killing it for months or even years if you don’t watch for them? + read more

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