Jack Tinker - Connecticut College Pre-Law Adviser

Connecticut College is enjoying an 80 percent acceptance rate for seniors who apply to law school. Even more impressive is many of its graduates are being accepted into the nation's most respected law schools, including Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Cornell and Duke University. Behind this flurry of activity is the school's Director of Recruiting and pre-law adviser, Jack Tinker.

Part of what Tinker's department offers students are opportunities to meet with admissions representatives from law schools, many opportunities to attend workshops that provide guidance on everything from preparing and applying to law school to developing personal statements for submission. Individuals meet with Tinker and his staff and their efforts are rewarded via updates and newsletters that keep students up to date on changes and goings-on within the department and other legal activities.

Other exciting prospects Connecticut College students have access to is the funding internship program that's made available to students who've completed their junior years, a networking dynamic that puts students in contact with lawyers and judges from around the country and around the world, and an impressive library that's chock full of books that address everything a pre-law student could hope for. It's Tinker's belief that the better prepared students are and the sooner they're offered all of the resources, the better success they will have as a law student and ultimately, as a practicing lawyer.

Just as Tinker and his staff work to provide all of these opportunities and resources to the student body, the group also works with employers and those wishing to offer internships. They participate each year in the New York Recruiting Consortium as well as the Liberal Arts Recruiting Connection held simultaneously with the Boston Job Fair and Interview Program.

With those graduating in 2010, they're about to realize that there are many golden opportunities that tend to emerge during even the toughest of economic climates. Employers are hiring more college graduates than ever before, with a rise of 17% in 2007 alone. Tinker says, ''We now again have the nice problem of having to help some of our students choose among multiple job offers''. With signs that the economy is beginning to once again find its way upwards, its clear Tinker's going to continue to enjoy his nice problems.

When asked if he felt everyone should pursue a college education, in the legal field or otherwise, Tinker said, ''I think everyone - young and old alike - should pursue whatever dreams they have of living their lives to the fullest''. Apparently, many are taking his advice to heart as Connecticut College was highlighted in a USA Today article regarding its prominence in international education. With more students considering doing their internships abroad, Conn College is rapidly becoming the biggest supporter of such incredible opportunities. Because the school allows students to define their own internships, this revolutionary brainchild of Tingle and his staff members is a model for other colleges to look to as they continue to broaden their own horizons, even as the world seemingly continues to shrink. Never before has it been so easy to travel to Africa, Russia or England to study a hand picked internship. With a $3,000 internship stipend from Connecticut College, these young adults are offered the opportunity to work with organizations that do not routinely accept interns. It is truly a win for everyone involved.

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