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The University Of Texas School Of Law in Austin, Texas was founded in 1883 and is one of the oldest law schools in the U.S. The Law School prepares graduates for positions in government, corporations, law firms and public service from the states to the international scenes.

Graduates from the law school hold prestigious positions as the U.S. Ambassador, Robert Strauss, U.S. Secretary of State, James A. Baker and Mayor Ron Kirk in Dallas. These are just a few of the careers of successful law graduates.

Admission to the J.D. program at University Of Texas School Of Law with its Center for Women in Law is competitive. For the class entering in fall 2008, more than 4,800 applicants competed for the 388 seats in the entering class. As a rule, there are no presumptions about the enrollment numbers. The law school wants to produce legal professionals, and prerequisites for law are found among many types of backgrounds students bring to the table. With this in mind, all applications are given inspection and consideration.

To be a successful candidate for the University Of Texas School Of Law with its Center for Women in Law, the LSAT test must be taken and a median score of 167 is required. A 4 year degree must be earned with an average grade point of 2.2. However, the median GPA to be assured of placement is 3.62. There are about 4500 applicants each year with 388 enrolled students in the semester.

50% of the law students are women and the University of Texas School of Law was proud to open the first Center for Women in Law in the nation. Since women are entering the legal profession as equals to men they have risen to high positions as Supreme Court justice, women are handling many dean positions at law schools and have become managing partners in law firms. Women in Law are senators, governors and a woman has been a presidential candidate. Despite all these credits, women are still distressed trying to hold their places in a traditionally male world.

The Center for Women in Law has set the following goals for women in their first year of law school all the way to those who have accomplished careers in law:
  • Help women see all possibilities of legal career options.
  • Pull down the walls that hinder women’s success in law.
  • Initiate professional growth and development through mentoring.
  • Find solutions in the legal field that will accommodate women to raise children as they build careers.
  • Advocate for women in leadership positions.
  • Create consciousness of all these goals and in turn striking momentum that drives institutional and system changes.
  • Establish practices that focus on advancement for women and practices that focused on the advancement and the successful continuance of women in law firms and other business organizations.
  • Provide a place for all women to do academic research.
  • Partner with other institutions that also focus on women advancing in profession.
  • Provide a resource of talented women lawyers to legal firms and businesses in Texas and the U.S.

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Attorney - Healthcare - Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs Duties: Ensures that all aspects of the University's medical and allied health clinical practices and university hospital meet regulatory requirements. Advises the University on all regulatory healthcare issues arising from its ...
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Attorney- Medical Risk Management The candidate will assist in the monitoring of medical malpractice caseload and address medical legal issues of faculty and administrators arising relating the provision of healthcare. Works with faculty, staff, UT System attorneys, counsel of the Attorney General'...
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Faculty - Business Law/Business Legal Environment Duties: Conduct all duties and responsibilities as defined in the College Faculty Handbook for a Full-Time Business Law faculty member. Provides instruction for courses at a variety of times and locations. Demonstrates a commitment to student enga...
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Attorney - Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs Duties: General Advice and Counsel - review, analyze and advise the administration of Southwestern, individual schools, basic science and clinical departments concerning legal matters that arise in the medical and educational setting (e.g., ...



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