Jane Scudder, RN, MSN

Ms. Scudder was born in the then-small town Lake Mary, Florida, just north of Orlando. As a young girl, she was eager to experience the big city and leave the small-town setting. After several years spent in Gainesville, FA, for college and for work, Scudder returned to central Florida and enjoys it there. She is very grateful for all the opportunities Orlando has offered her to allow her to pursue a career in the medical field.

Ms. Scudder is a graduate of the University of Florida and holds both BSN and MSN degrees. A large part of her graduate work included a focus on critical care nursing with an emphasis on nursing administration. For her thesis, she completed a qualitative research study defining quality care as perceived by critical-care nurses.

Ms. Scudder offers 30 years of experience to Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Dickson, Talley and Dunlap, P.A., having practiced as a nurse in a variety of hospital settings, in public healthcare, and in a private medical office practice, all throughout the state of Florida. She worked at Alachua General Hospital in Gainesville for 12 years, beginning as a graduate nurse in the intensive care units, and then moving on to hold such roles as critical care educator, head nurse, and the Director of Critical Care, where she oversaw the medical and surgical intensive care units, the progressive care unit, and the dialysis unit. She also coordinated programming for the hospital.

After working for several years as a nurse in pediatric private practice, Ms. Scudder became the nursing supervisor of the Sanford Clinic, a project of the Seminole County Health Department, serving the indigent, maternal, and pediatric clinics of Seminole County. She also assisted in the planning and provision for other public health services in Seminole County. It was the loss of a job that led to her become a consultant in a legal career. Due to budget cuts, her position at the health department clinic was cut. Because she had previously done some work as an expert nurse witness, and armed with a referral from a nursing colleague to a firm who needed a medical consultant, Scudder embarked on her new career.

In addition to all of Ms. Scudder's work experiences, she is the coauthor of a chapter titled ''Putting It All Together'' in the
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training Manual, published in 1988. She received the Hewlett-Packard National Award for excellence in academic and clinical practice in 1987.

With her upcoming ten-year anniversary at Fisher Rushmer, Scudder doesn't anticipate any future career changes. She enjoys her work and even more the people with whom she works. ''The caliber of respect and concern we have for each other at Fisher Rushmer is a breath of fresh air compared to the hospital environment I came from where 3 a.m. phone calls to cover a shift were frequent!'' says Scudder. ''I plan to stay in this area of nursing, primarily because I enjoy what I do and I don't want to start down another nursing career path at this point in my life . . . I am content to look forward to retirement. Until then, my goal is to stay knowledgeable.''

Scudder has been able to keep her goal of staying informed as she has stayed involved in organizations such as the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, who are dedicated to supporting legal nurse consultants. She has attended their educational and networking programs.

When asked to give advice to her peers in the legal field, Scudder counsels them to ''stay open to exploring opportunities and thinking 'outside of the box' when it comes to reviewing cases. Stripes don't always mean it is a zebra! Be a nurse with integrity and stand up for what is right. Our role is to be honest and to educate attorneys regarding the medical issues in a case so that they can then make the best recommendation and decision for their client regarding the law, whether it is on the defense or plaintiff side of the legal case.''

Scudder has done well in her career, but she doesn't let the work rule her life. Her interests have revolved around her family and their church activities. She has taught an elementary-level, Christian educational program for the past 16 years and has even had the opportunity to write a four-year Bible curriculum for the program in her spare time.

Scudder has had a very successful career and has used all of her experience to her benefit, and thus to the benefit of the firm where she now works as a Legal Nurse Consultant. She is dedicated to her work, to doing it well, and to doing it honestly. She strives to serve those around her to the best of her ability and is a valuable asset to Fisher Rushmer.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. I like to garden, especially vegetable gardening. I also enjoy traveling.

Q. What CD is in your CD player right now, or what was the last song you listened to?
A. I am currently listening to a fascinating lecture series from The Teaching Company on ''Books that have Made History: Books that can change your life.''

Q. What's the last magazine you read?
A. Florida Gardening and Consumer Reports.

Q. What's your favorite T.V. show/movie?
A. I don't watch much television, but when I do, I like medical/crime dramas and romantic comedies.

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