Take Me Out to the Ball Game

You feel the crisp air bite at your nose, and the sounds of anticipatory conversations fill the night's sky. What better way to enjoy a weekend than having a front row seat for the biggest rivalry in professional sports - Red Sox vs. Yankees. The battle between these two legendary ball clubs has been waged for decades. The infamous trade of Babe Ruth to the Yankees has allegedly left a curse upon the city of Boston for the better part of a century. While the Yankees have won 26 world championships, the Red Sox have appeared in only four World Series since 1918, losing each one in seven games.

The history between these two clubs sets the stage for each meeting and makes for some of the most memorable moments in baseball history. While the chance to watch a game between these East Coast rivals is at the top of almost any baseball fan's wish list, actually getting in the ballpark doesn't come cheap. These games usually sell out before the season even starts, as it is well known that the demand for these tickets is extremely high. However, if you're willing to pay between $1,250-$1,500 per ticket, you can sidle up to New York City's most famous baseball fans in box seats at Yankee Stadium.

Not only will you be able to watch the game up close and personal, but you will get a chance to mingle with some of New York's most notable celebrities. Don't be surprised to see Billy Crystal starting the wave or Denzel Washington loading up his nachos with extra cheese. You know that guy who always seems to follow you around to every game, yelling at opposing players and spreading his "knowledge of the game" to everyone within a 20 foot radius? Well, be careful what you say if you're sitting front row in the Bronx. It may very well be Bruce Willis ranting about the infield fly rule, or even worse…Donnie Osmond! Ok, enough about the movie stars. You're there to watch a baseball game. However, if you happen to find yourself sitting next to Nicole Kidman in her Yankee gear…it may be acceptable for your attention to occasionally move away from the action on the field.

And what action there will be! Even if the game itself was removed, the experience at Yankee Stadium during a Red Sox game is beyond compare, and is well worth the thousands it may cost to get in. The electricity, the excitement, the sheer enthusiasm of the Yankee Stadium crowd is enough to make your toes tingle and the hair on your neck stand on end. Then, add a classic battle between two amazing teams and you may just reach a higher level of consciousness.

With the acquisition of Alex Rodriguez, the highest paid ballplayer in baseball history, the Yankees launched their already sky-scraping payroll into the upper levels of the stratosphere. Many condemn the owner of the Yankees, George Steinbrenner, for his limitless spending to create a team full of superstars. But, his attitude of never settling and always going for the best, makes me assume he is an avid reader of LawCrossing Weekend, as we only feature the most extravagant and highest quality pleasures here. We don't settle for second best. And neither does George. Plus, his spending has only fueled the rivalry and the animosity between Red Sox and Yankee fans that make these games so much fun.

This weekend will certainly be filled with dozens of magical moments.

Shouldn't you be there?

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